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Love is a tricky mess. As the prince and heir apparent, finding someone who looks beyond my status is frustrating. I have high standards one must uphold to grab my attention. Not just anyone will do. 


Only one woman rises to the top. Lucky for me, tonight is her debut in high society and I’m here to stake my claim. If all goes as planned, later everyone will learn what I’ve known all along. Winifred Batista was born to be by my side. 


One unforeseen obstacle stands in my way. A group of potential suitors, handpicked by her family, are prepared to steal her from me. Denying her any say in the choice. 


I’m not about to let that happen.


Although Winnie is skeptical of my genuine interest, I will convince her eventually that we’re destined for each other. Nothing and no one will stand in my way. 

Trigger Warnings: Childhood Trauma and  Toxic Family

Another slow burn but like always there is plenty of steam.

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