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Sports, Military, CEOs, Small Town, Royalty, Angsty, Heartbreak, Healing, Badass Females, Alpha Men, Cinnamon Rolls, Tragic Past, Grumpy, Moody, Suspense, All the Feels 

Contemporary Romance Books

Baseball Player

Catcher's Interference
Love of the Game
Book 5

CI Book Final Cover.jpg
Flint & Ash

Women are c r a z y. Every woman I date seems perfectly normal until baseball season kicks off. Then their behavior shifts to obsession and clinginess. One tried accusing me of cheating on her with the game. 

Seriously? It’s my job. 

I’m so done.

Until Arianna looks my way. One taste of her and I’m addicted. 

Her life is a complicated mess. I shouldn’t get involved. But I can’t simply stand by and do nothing when her ex and family disrespect her, belittle her job as a pro golfer, and tell her to grow up. She deserves better, and I’m determined to make sure she gets it. 

I dare any one of them to stand in my way. 


**Catcher’s Interference deals with subjects that might be difficult for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

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