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Coat of Arms Temp.png
Coat of Arms Temp.png

I am King. When I speak, others listen. 


My country is growing antsy. They want a queen who will give them the next heir. 


All I want is to fall in love without my title hanging over my head. If I don’t find a queen soon, one will be chosen for me. 


I’m about to give up my search when I meet Larkin. A fire ignites inside me and has me acting impulsively, showing no concern for the consequences. There’s just one small problem. She has no clue who I am. I’ll tell her eventually, and when I do, she’ll treat me differently. Everyone always does. 


I’m determined to make her mine. It won’t be easy, but I’ll fight for us. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means changing history.

Trigger Warnings: 

Suicide, Murder, Childhood Trauma, and Toxic People 

This is a slow burn but I promise it gets steamy.

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