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Bedtime is for those who don't know what getting lost in a book means. 

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This is my most read series. It was written as a tribute to my daughter when she grew up on me too quickly. It’s a modern day fairytale with characters you can relate to. And just because they are royals doesn’t mean they don’t have problems we can all relate to.

This is my favorite series I’ve written. There’s just something about this family that compelled to touch on tough subjects. I love angst. I have a passion for real life problems we hate talking about. My background in sociology is probably a huge reason I feel the need to tackle those. 

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Do you love football, baseball, and golf (yes golf)? The Matthews siblings are unique and talented. Each one has a story that follows the path life took them down. Five different stories. None of them like the other. If you like sports and angsty romances, then this series is for you. 

Catcher's Interference Releasing June 6th

This is the first series I wrote in first person and where I learned it was my favorite. I have one more book I’d like to add to this series one day. 

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Crystal Lake is my oldest series. The first three books should be read in order. Book 4 is a stand alone. 

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