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Faith & Caleb


He’s forgotten everything, but his heart still recognizes her.


Love isn’t always easy; it certainly hasn’t been for Caleb and Faith. Since teenagers they’ve fought to stay together or to stay apart, neither being on the same page at the same time. That is until the child growing inside her changes everything. Finally on the right track, life was perfect. 


Then Caleb’s worst fear becomes a reality as his life flashes before his eyes and the world fades to black. The family he built is gone. Erased. Lost in a world he can’t remember. The only thing that feels right is the woman who’s there when he opens his eyes. He can’t shake the feeling that somehow she’s his.


Is their love strong enough to anchor Caleb to Faith, helping him find his way back? Or is it time for them to move on? 

Trigger Warnings: 

Mentions 9/11

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