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Alicia & Dillon


Sometimes the messiest things in life turn out to be the most beautiful.


Starting fresh is exactly what Dillon needed. Too bad he didn’t leave his demons behind like he planned. He thought he could handle one drink. But it’s never just one and spun into a night of regrets, forcing him to face the truth. Nobody said the road to redemption would be easy.


Her sister's accident led Alicia to Savannah, and an encounter with the ex she abandoned nearly a decade ago. An unlikely hero steps into her life when she least expects it, championing her in her time of need. Except the man she thought was a hero ends up flipping her world on its axis.


What started as two people lending a shoulder through difficult times, blossomed into so much more. Right when it felt like they were on the right path, old demons resurfaced and threatened the foundation they’d built.


Will their new beginning crumble? Or can they turn the chaos into something better than they ever dreamed possible? After all, most happily ever afters don’t follow the fairytales. The boldest relationships walk through fire before coming out stronger on the other side. 

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Trigger Warnings: 


Substance Abuse

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