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What happens when one night changes everything you thought you knew? 


After a meaningless one-night stand goes wrong, Mikey Franks vows to make a change. Unfortunately, his sexy neighbor doesn’t make his newfound celibacy easy, wearing outfits that test the very core of him. The very same neighbor who once threatened to throw him in jail for his debauched ways.


While the ex-player intrigues and tempts Katie more than she’s willing to admit, she does her best to avoid him. As a responsible single mother, with no time for carefree flings with sexy mouthwatering men, she is determined to remain strong.


Tragedy sends Katie’s daughter to Mikey for help and everything changes. Forging a bond and building trust that offers them the promise of a bright future. But only if they let go of their pasts and cling to the family they’re creating.

Trigger Warnings: 

Childhood Trauma, Toxic Family & Sexual Assault


Extra warning. This books discuss the after-effects of what happens when a child is abused. I don't go into great detail, but Mikey does share his story with Katie. 

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