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Johannah & Jaxon


One touch is all it takes…


The fear of being touched controls Jaxon Cristiano’s life. To limit his contact with others, he throws himself into his work. But then one night, his friends drag him into an overcrowded nightclub. Senses heightened, he sees her. The beautiful woman on the dance floor captivates him and makes him forget the crush of bodies just feet away from his secluded corner.


Johannah Kohl’s job dictates her life. Enjoying a night out is rare, so when the tall, dark, and handsome stranger on the nightclub balcony catches her eye, she refuses to let the opportunity slip past. The way he’s watched her all night has her hungering for his touch. Tired of waiting on him, she makes the first move.


One innocent brush of her hand flips Jaxon’s world upside down. Now he wants something he’s not sure he can have. And she’s desperate for what she never knew she needed. 


Can she break through his walls and show him what he’s missing? Or will fear tear them apart?

Trigger Warnings: 

Childhood Trauma and Toxic People 

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