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Have you ever wanted to be someone else? My whole life I’ve wished for this, despised my title. I didn’t feel like a princess. Since birth, I’ve had the mindset of a warrior and aspirations for a different life.


One man stands in my way. I eluded my other guards, but not Gino. He always steps in when he believes I’m exposing myself to danger. His actions leave me confused while arousing emotions I’ve worked hard to shield myself from. Then he disappears with no goodbye, leaving me angry and hurt.


I never imagined our paths would cross again, but I was wrong. He’s been keeping a secret. The burden of helping him escape his living nightmare rests solely on my shoulders. First, I’ll save his life, then his heart.


Maybe being a warrior princess isn’t so bad after all.


* While Fearless Warrior is a stand-alone, I strongly recommend you read the other books in this series first.

Trigger Warnings: Childhood Health Issues

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