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Life Series

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The Good Life   


What happens when the woman of your dreams crashes your birthday party?


Sean was living the dream… or so he thought… 


It wasn’t until his mother planted a seed that he was missing out on a full life when doubt crept. Plagued by the doubt, Sean wonders if his life is as perfect as he thinks.


Time stops when a blonde woman steps into his life on his birthday. Sean’s life is about to get interesting. There’s one problem. She’s his new temporary administrative assistant. Everyone knows you never mix business and pleasure.


Good thing Sean isn’t to be deterred. Some rules are meant to be broken. He only hopes he can convince Emily giving him a chance is worth breaking a few rules.

   A Transformed Life

What happens when one night changes everything you thought you knew? 


After a meaningless one-night stand goes wrong, Mikey Franks vows to make a change. Unfortunately, his sexy neighbor doesn’t make his newfound celibacy easy, wearing outfits that test the very core of him. The very same neighbor who once threatened to throw him in jail for his debauched ways.


While the ex-player intrigues and tempts Katie more than she’s willing to admit, she does her best to avoid him. As a responsible single mother, with no time for carefree flings with sexy mouthwatering men, she is determined to remain strong.


Tragedy sends Katie’s daughter to Mikey for help and everything changes. Forging a bond and building trust that offers them the promise of a bright future. But only if they let go of their pasts and cling to the family they’re creating.


*Warning this book deals with abuse that may be uncomfortable for some to read about. It doesn't go into great detail, but discusses the after-effects of what happens when a child has gone through something so traumatic. 

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