Life Series

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The Good Life   


    Sean O'Connor is a CEO of his own company, living the American Dream. He's worked hard to get where he is and as far as he is concerned his life is good.

   Emily Patsy has had a few hiccups in her life. Professionally she has worked hard to make a life she can be proud of, even though he former boss had issues that made her start over again. Her personal life was a little more complicated, since she had a difficult time trusting anyone. But for the most part her life was better than it had ever been before, so she considered it good enough. 

   Sean meets Emily at his birthday bash on his thirty-third birthday. They both fairly happy with their lives, with a few exemptions. And when they realize they are falling for each other, and that Sean is going to be her boss for the next eight weeks, they have to make a decision and quickly.    

   Will they risk it and see if the forces pulling them towards each other is worth chancing? One is willing, while the other is not so sure it such a good idea. Who will win in the end? 
   Life is good but can it be even better if they take the chance to experience it together.

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   A Transformed Life

    Warning this book deals with abuse that may be uncomfortable for some to read about. It doesn't go into great detail, but it does discuss the after affects of what happens when a child has gone through something so traumatic. 


   Mikey Franks has lived his life how’s he wanted for most of his life. He did what he wanted to do without interference from anyone. The face the was raised by a Vegas call girl, might have skewed his views on what is right and wrong when it comes to sex. Which is the excuse he often used, when others would question him about his sexual freedom, or even mention the amount of conquest he had. It wasn’t until he was deceived by one of those conquests, that he decided it was time to make a life altering transformation.
   Katie Sims isn’t the perfect example of how others should live. She has most certainly made her share of mistakes. But unlike so many others, she learned from them, and now is doing her best to raise her daughter without making more. She avoided relationships after her husband was killed, because she knew her choices in men wasn’t always the greatest. 
   One dreadful night their worlds finally collide, and they find themselves interacting in ways neither really expected. Will two people who seem so different, be able to find something they have never had before? Can they both finally trust someone enough, to begin to hope for a future like those around them have? Or are they too afraid to put it all on the line, for a life that could transform everything they once thought was never theirs to own? 


    Again I write real life and believe in bringing readers into the lives of my characters, which means I don't hold back even in the most intimate moments. So if you don't like reading any of these, then you have been warned ahead of time.