Kohl Family Series

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Imagine the pain of never feeling the comfort of human contact, being touched, having someone soothe away your pain, or experience the throes of desire? For Jaxon, his lonely existence includes his two best friends and business partners. He has never sought after a woman's touch because even the slightest brush of skin burns his for hours after. For over thirty years, he's avoided touch, building up walls that have kept his sanity intact, until one night everything changed. 

She changed him forever. 

From the moment Johannah appeared in front of him, he felt drawn to her in a way he'd never felt. She made him forget his walls. For the first time flirting while giving into the attraction he is now aware of. In one singular moment, her touch changed everything he has ever known. The pain, the burn, do not exist with this woman. Jaxon desires to uncover why her touch soothes him all the way to his soul. 

Johannah’s work stole her focus and her time. She was too busy to miss the dating scene everyone around her seemed to enjoy. Until the night she met Jaxon, that is. He drew her in like no other man had, and couldn't stop herself from taking a chance on him. Her's was so much more than being just a job, but Jaxon made her want more out of life. 

Caught between the threat her job put her in daily and the longing to have her in his arms, Jaxon is forced to make a decision. Is his desire strong enough for him to survive in the world where she exists? Can he walk away from her, and go back to the secluded life he knew before that fateful night? Will he be able to step out of his comfort zone, expose himself to the unknown, just so he can have the only person whose touch he desires? 


*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.

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Olivia Valentine is no longer satisfied with the life she is trapped in. For ten years, she has walked on eggshells. Her husband has no respect for her or his children. And now that her son is picking up a few of his father’s aggressive behaviors, it’s time for her to take a stand.

The day she does is also the day Nathan Kohl enters her life. The First Lady asks her head of security to protect them from Olivia’s soon-to-be ex. Since her husband is a US Senator, they will need protective detail to keep them safe.

The moment the three of them walk into Nathan’s life, the simple one he was living suddenly gets a lot more complicated. All his prior ideas on how he’d get his own family changes, as does his heart, and he finds he wants them. A family he has no business wanting, not yet at least.

Olivia and Nathan learn that a family is what one makes. It has nothing to do with the DNA that runs through each of their veins. The bond one forms while building a friendship can be strong. 

But what they are building be strong enough when it all comes crashing down around them? Will they be able to come together? Prove to those determined to steal it all away that nothing can get between them? It will be one wild journey that neither expected. All while showing them what happens when you meet the one person you were always meant to find.


**Unbreakable is a novel about domestic violence. It also mentions the acts of physical and sexual assault, which I understand may be triggers for some. Reader Discretion is advised.

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Falling in love comes easy for some, but loving someone unconditionally is easier said than done. At least it has been for Caleb and Faith. High school sweethearts who first fell in love before one of the most terrible days in US history altered everything they thought they knew. 

Still wanting to give her heart wholly to the boy who showed her what love could be like, Faith discovered the boy she fell for no longer existed. That one day forever changed him. Now determined to enter a world teeming with unknown danger, Caleb decided it was no place for Faith. Willing to do whatever it took to make the world a better place for those he loved, even though it cost him the future they could have had. 

Until the fateful moment when his reality is shifted and he finds his entire world by her side. 

In the blink of an eye, Caleb’s worst fear becomes a reality as his life flashes before him and the world fades to black. The family he built is gone. Erased. Lost in a world he can’t remember. The only thing that feels right is the woman who’s there when he opens his eyes. He can’t shake the feeling that somehow she’s his. 

Is their love, even without all the memories, enough to anchor him to her once again? Will Faith have to let go of the man she once knew so she can have a future with the man he is now? When Caleb’s calling to protect the world from unseen dangers threatens their happiness, will he know enough to keep them safe? 


*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.