Kohl Family Series

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Johannah Kohl has the kind of job that keeps her from having an active social life. Meaning it has been years since she's been involved with a man. However, an annual girls' trip quickly changes her relationship status. Johannah finds herself involved with a man, unlike any other one she has ever met.


Jaxon Cristiano keeps his distance from most people. He has an issue the ails him and difficult for most to understand. Therefore, he maintains a very secluded life that circles around his two close friends. The three of them run a business together, one that keeps him very busy, exactly how he likes it because it makes him feel safe. Until the night he meets a woman who happens to turn his world upside down. From that point on, everything he has ever known shifts, and Jaxon finds himself in the unknown.


Together they will discover a new life neither expected. Jaxon will have to learn to adjust and realize a life with others isn't as scary as it once was. Johannah will have to learn how to balance her demanding job and personal life. It won't be easy, forces unseen are determined to keep them apart, putting both of their lives in danger. Will those forces win or only end up driving them closer to each other?


Contains sexual situations and contents not suitable for those under 18.



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Olivia Valentine is no longer satisfied with the life she is trapped in. For ten years, she has walked on eggshells. Her husband has no respect for her or his children. And now that her son is picking up a few of his father’s aggressive behaviors, it’s time for her to take a stand.


The day she does is also the day Nathan Kohl enters her life. The First Lady asks her head of security to protect them from Olivia’s soon-to-be ex. Since her husband is a US Senator, they will need protective detail to keep them safe.


The moment the three of them walk into Nathan’s life, the simple one he was living suddenly gets a lot more complicated. All his prior ideas on how he’d get his own family changes, as does his heart, and he finds he wants them. A family he has no business wanting, not yet at least.


Olivia and Nathan learn that a family is what one makes. It has nothing to do with the DNA that runs through each of their veins. The bond one forms while building a friendship can be strong. 


But what they are building be strong enough when it all comes crashing down around them? Will they be able to come together? Prove to those determined to steal it all away that nothing can get between them? It will be one wild journey that neither expected. All while showing them what happens when you meet the one person you were always meant to find.


**Unbreakable is a novel about domestic violence. It also mentions the acts of physical and sexual assault, which I understand may be triggers for some. Reader Discretion is advised.



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