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Kohl Family Series

Untouchable Book Cover final.jpg

No one dares to touch him. No one except her.


Years without touch have left Jaxon isolated and alone. The slightest brush of skin against skin leaves him burning for hours. All that changes when a beautiful stranger places her hand on his arm; only it’s no longer his skin that burns. It’s his desire. He craves more… her!

From the moment she saw him, Johanna knew he was different. She had no idea just how different the compelling man truly was. For the first time, she won’t let anything stand between her and the promise of happiness this man brings.

Together, they overcome the impossible to make their relationship work. Until her dangerous job puts Jaxon in the middle where the stakes are high. Will he walk away and go back to the safety of his seclusion? Or will the forces determined to tear them apart push them closer in the end?


*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.

Unbreakable Book Cover final.jpg

She never felt loved. Not until she met him.


The day she witnessed her son turn into the monster she married, Olivia’s worst fears came true. By staying with their father, she was teaching her children how to be an abuser and a victim, not living the happy lives she wanted for them. The moment she sees a chance to escape, she takes it. But leaving a powerful senator means she needs protection.

Enters Secret Service Agent Nathan Kohl. The sexy, head of security is soon more than just her protection. He’s the guardian of her heart, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep the woman he loves and the children he thinks of as his own safe from everyone; including their father.

Together their relationship grows from friendship to family, but outside dangers threaten to tear them apart. Will the bond Olivia and Nathan build be strong enough to heal her? Or will it put an end to their happily ever after? 


**Unbreakable is a novel about domestic violence. It also mentions the acts of physical and sexual assault, which I understand may be triggers for some. Reader Discretion is advised.

Unforgettable Book Cover Final web.jpg



He’s forgotten everything, but his heart still recognizes her.


Love isn’t always easy; it certainly hasn’t been for Caleb and Faith. Since teenagers they’ve fought to stay together or to stay apart, neither being on the same page at the same time. That is until the child growing inside her changes everything. Finally, on the right track, life was perfect. 

Then Caleb’s worst fear becomes a reality as his life flashes before his eyes and the world fades to black. The family he built is gone. Erased. Lost in a world he can’t remember. The only thing that feels right is the woman who’s there when he opens his eyes. He can’t shake the feeling that somehow she’s his.

Is their love strong enough to anchor Caleb to Faith, helping him find his way back? Or is it time for them to move on? 

*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.



Sometimes the messiest things in life turn out to be the most beautiful.

Starting fresh is exactly what Dillon needed. Too bad he didn’t leave his demons behind like he planned. He thought he could handle one drink. But it’s never just one and spun into a night of regrets, forcing him to face the truth. Nobody said the road to redemption would be easy.

Her sister's accident led Alicia to Savannah, and an encounter with the ex she abandoned nearly a decade ago. An unlikely hero steps into her life when she least expects it, championing her in her time of need. Except the man she thought was a hero ends up flipping her world on its axis.

What started as two people lending a shoulder through difficult times, blossomed into so much more. Right when it felt like they were on the right path, old demons resurfaced and threatened the foundation they’d built.

Will their new beginning crumble? Or can they turn the chaos into something better than they ever dreamed possible? After all, most happily ever afters don’t follow the fairytales. The boldest relationships walk through fire before coming out stronger on the other side. 


*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.


Two strangers. 

One night of passion. 

A battle of wills. 


Love is the last thing Patrick was looking for. His career as a fighter pilot kept him busy and took him all over the world, leaving relationships off the table. Too bad his heart didn’t get the memo.


Life as a top-secret operative kept Alina on her toes, sparing no time for romance. When a sexy stranger caught her by surprise, all she could promise him was one night. Trying to forget him was impossible. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t deny he owned her.


Patrick’s life is now on the line and she’s the only person he can trust. The possibility of losing him spurs Alina into taking a risk that could put both their lives on the line. Can she pull off a miracle, setting them on a path to forever?


*Contains sexual content not suitable for those under 18.

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