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Crystal Lake

Facing the Storm Final.jpg
Facing the Storm


    Sara Fields returns home to Crystal Lake, Kentucky after her sister and brother-in-law are tragically killed while on vacation in the Florida Keys. Returning to take on the responsibility of raising her sister’s two teenage kids, Melody and Mason. She is leaving New York City and starting over again, after life was not so kind to her while she was there. This is a chance for her to pick up the pieces and begin again, leaving her mistakes behind.

    Ethan Rhodes has lived in Crystal Lake the last couple of years now. He moved here to set up a home base for his business, and discovered a place to call home. Life for Ethan hasn't been easy since his wife died fourteen years ago, and he hasn't actually gotten over her death even after all these years. 

    Sara and Ethan weren’t looking for someone to fill the empty space in their hearts. But decide to take a chance on a new life where there are unwritten chapters, let God decide what that life will look like. It won't be easy for either of them, and they both will have to learn how to give and take along the way. But if they are lucky, they just might find the greatest love one can ever hope to uncover.

    Devin is Ethan’s little sister; she has issues of her own. One that happens to be her partner Anthony, she has no idea how to take him, what to do with a man like him really. He confuses her and she can’t decide if she wants to kiss him or slap him. 

    Anthony on the other hand knows exactly what he wants to do with Devin. The problem for him will be getting her to allow him to show her how good they could be together. If he can do that the two of them will have something really special, something they both need to heal.

Uncharted Water Final.jpg
Uncharted Waters

     Dr. Amy Carter’s life in Seattle is quickly falling apart. She is involved with a man who has done nothing but made her life a huge giant mess. After she receives an email from her friend Sara, inviting her to join her clinic in Kentucky, far away from Seattle, she decides to do just that.

     Joseph Lands doesn’t really understand the love his boss, Ethan Rhodes, or colleagues, Devin and Anthony Capurro, have suddenly stumbled upon. When he joined the group of single ex-military men, he thought he had discovered a group much like himself. They all seemed to enjoy being single and letting the job be their focus. But ever since Ethan fell hard for the good Dr. Sara Fields that all seems to have changed. Three members of the team are now focused on other stuff, not that it’s really a problem, but it does alter the way it has always worked.

     Sara’s life has definitely improved since her move back to Crystal Lake. Ethan has been the key to her new found happiness. The only glitch is, she still is finding it hard to let him in completely. While she struggles to figure out what to do about it, Ethan patiently waits for her to decide she just can’t live without him.

     When Sara’s friend shows up with her twin boys, everything once again seems to change. Not just for the group, but for the man not so sure he’s ready to go down that road. It’s been a long time since Joseph felt anything for a woman, and the feelings he is experiencing for Amy are completely different. He quickly realizes it’s only a matter of time before he falls flat on his face and has to change his bachelor ways. The challenge will be convincing Amy that he is capable of doing just that.

Light in the Shadows Final.jpg
Light in the Shadows

   Hank Piper has found himself attracted to a woman that wants nothing to do with him. For so many years since his ex-girlfriend dumped him after five years for another man Hank has done his best to not get attached. Now he has no idea what he is going to do about this woman who has attracted his attention like no other one ever has.

   Marisa Barns got burned once a long time ago by a man. Ever since then she has done her best to keep things simple between her and the opposite sex. No way will she allow her attraction of a certain male steer her away from what she knows is best. Life somehow always seems to have a strange way of making decisions for you. 

   Amy and Joseph are finally married. Just when they thought her past was behind them it once again makes a strange appearance. 

When the Fog Lifts Final.jpg
When the Fog Lifts

   Carol Williams has lived in Crystal Lake most of her life. She got a job at the small clinic, not long after she finished her nursing degree years ago. Is now raising her children in the town she loves. Doing it alone, after a nasty divorce, and doing the best she can to make it all work for them. 
   When the ever-dashing Robert Banks moves in next-door, life as she once knew it all changes. The man is infuriating and messing with her in ways she never dreamed of. One minute he’s friendly and interested in maybe something more, the next he’s telling her he can’t offer her more than his friendship. 
   She doesn’t have time to deal with a man like him, so she decides to do her best to move on. Which seems to be when Robert realizes he’s making a huge mistake, but for the life of him isn’t sure how to fix it. And even when he thinks he has figured out how, it all seems to be falling apart around them.
   Will they figure it out, before one of them gets hurt so bad, that it can’t be fixed? What obstacles will get thrown in the mix to bring them together, while showing them life sometimes works out better than you first believed it would? Is it even a possibility, when the two people involved seem to never get that happy ending, like everyone else around them has suddenly found?

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