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Golf Field

Men suck. 


It’s a proven fact. And I need a break. Especially from cocky, athletic men who think the world is their playground. This next month, I’m on a forced vacation. It should give me what I need to regain my focus and not get fired. If not, then it’s time to transition into a new career and start fresh. 


My break is going well. Until a Godzilla-sized spider appeared, destroying my tranquility in the sun. Now I’m in the arms of something much more dangerous. Shay Kelly. 


He represents everything I’m not looking for. A pro golfer with a playboy reputation. As a teen, I used to have fantasies about him. But now, as a woman, I know men like him only offer one thing. Heartbreak. 


Why me? Why now? He’s a distraction I don’t want, but one I just might need. 

Trigger Warnings: 

Sexual Grooming

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