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Grass Close Up
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American Football Stadium
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When someone you trust burns you, something inside shifts. I learned that lesson the hard way and have safeguarded my heart ever since. 


Darcy showed up like a whirlwind and knocked me off balance. It started with her pulling me onto the dance floor, calling me her fiancé. Then later, pushing me away, claiming I’m a temptation she has to avoid. 


Well, too bad for her. She has my attention now and can’t brush me off so easily. Not even her kids will deter me. I like kids. 


Unafraid of a challenge, I make a plan. My life as a professional football player has trained me to never give up. Her persistence to avoid me only fuels my determination to win her over.


She’s about to learn, when I get it in my head, I never lose. 

Trigger Warnings: 

Religious Cults

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