The Royals

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Suddenly Enthroned

I am King.

No one tells me who I can love or who I have to marry. I will decide that all on my own one day when I have the time and energy to pursue a relationship. I've been busy these last five years since my reign began focusing on being a leader for my kingdom, all while raising my youngest sister Isabel. 

Now that an incredible woman has caught my eye, along with my attention and heart, do not underestimate my determination to go after the one thing that can make me happy.

I am King and this King will do what needs to be done to win over the heart of this woman who has distracted me and stolen mine. 

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Unexpected Princess

I kept my distance until she was older. Waited until she turned eighteen at least before doing something unexpected. 

Knew that she needed time to mature so she would be ready for the life we'd have together. We both needed to really, at twenty-three I wasn’t sure I was ready for the life I was certain we’d have. Therefore, I swore to do my best to give her that time, but even then, I couldn't stay away, not really. 

I sincerely hope all this waiting will be worth it, that eventually, we’ll get what I've always dreamed of. Because one thing is for certain, I'm not letting her go, I'll do what has to be done to make her mine. 

She is my Unexpected Princess and no one is going to stand in her way, I'll make sure of it.

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My Noble Fight

My life is not perfect, in fact, it is in a huge state of disrepair. I have no one to blame but myself for that. Well, I should blame the man who dragged me into this muddy life. He certainly helped dirty it up.

It’s time for me to start over again and leave that life behind. Get as far away from him as I can. Take my daughter and escape before he ruins us both. She deserves so much better than the life we’re trapped in.

But while I wait for the right time to present itself, I find myself distracted by one very fine Prince. My screwed up life has no place for this man, who has decided to get his nose dirty. He doesn’t even understand how dire my situation is, or the danger he is inserting himself into. And while I might like to see where it all could go if things were different, there is no way I’d risk dragging him down with me. My life has no room for a Prince. We are from two different worlds and I’d only taint him and his family.

The problem I’m having, however, is the length he’s willing to go to prove me wrong. No matter how hard I try to warn him off, he refuses to listen to reason. The only way I see out is to do the unthinkable.

This is my fight and I’m not about to let him sidetrack me. It’s time to do what I have to do. I can only pray he forgives me one day.

**My Noble Fight is a novel that mentions the acts of physical and sexual assault, which I understand may be triggers for some. This romance novel is a work of fiction. It is about the healing of a woman determined to have a better life for herself and her daughter. I do not go into great detail, but I do discuss those matters, so you as a reader can understand the heroine's strength. My goal is for my readers to celebrate her as a survivor, warrior, and champion for her daughter. Reader Discretion is advised. 

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Her Royal Highness

I took an oath to serve and protect the Royal Family of Hermosa Islas years ago. A promise to keep my personal and professional lives separate, no matter the cost to me or those I serve. 

Even as lines blurred when forced to handle the King's private affairs, I kept my oath. 

And when the object of my unattainable affection leaves her husband, no longer technically my responsibility, I found myself darkening her door. In a single breath, I allowed passion to overtake us while knowing it could never happen again. The duty I’d sworn to my King and my country could not be ignored, not when I knew the price we would be forced to pay should he ever learn of our affair. 

A sudden threat is brought to life, one she has been keeping secret, lurking over her like a shadow, and places her in grave danger. I am the only person I trust to keep her safe. Protecting her while loving her goes against all the rules, but not breaking them means I’ll lose more than just my job. I'll lose her, the love of my life.

I can't risk that. It's time to put it all on the line and save her before it's too late. Even if it costs me everything.